Cast Segmented Discs

Cast Segmented Discs

  • The segmented cast discs fit any refiner and refining application. Special alloys with high chrome content assure high-impact resistance, endurance and non-burring on lead cutting edges. All rotating sets are dynamically balanced to within >2 mils per plane.
  • INODUR I, with Brinell hardness of >420, offers an economical solution to the most common least-demanding refining application.
  • INODUR II,with a Brinell hardness of >550, addresses more demanding applications that require greater wear resistance.
  • HB 800,HB 800, we have pioneered the development of a new surface treatment system which greatly increases blade hardness while maintaining the base metal flexibility. This system increases the blade surface hardness to >800 Brinell, resulting in sharper blades while maintaining higher impact resistance, durability, and overall plate life. We innovated surface treatment greatly reducing the potential shattering effect inherent in other hard-cast metal plates.


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