Conical Fillings

Conical Fillings

The conical fillings are manufactured by welding cold re-rolled 301 stainless steel bars to carbon steel cones. The cold re-rolling process compacts the molecular structure of the steel, making it harder without increasing its brittleness. This raises the Brinell hardness to 400 and ensures that the bars wear uniformly and maintain their sharp edge over the life of the fillings Also by welding the individual bars to the cone, consistent thickness and height of the bar is achieved from the cutting surface to the base, unlike case fillings that tend to have a shallow trapezoidal channel. Due to the shallow bar and channel geometry the cast filling results in poor fiber development and increased maintenance cost. Our fabricated fillings are custom machined to fit the stator and rotor eliminating the need to "grind-in" the set; and with in-house pattern facilities, we offer custom designs to accommodate virtually any type of fiber requirement.


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