Fabricated Plates

Fabricated Plates

  • In many cases, there are advantages to using fabricated plates rather than cast segmented discs. Due to higher, more parallel bars, fabricated plates tend to offer significantly longer MTBPM. Also fabricated plates require fewer mounting holes resulting in more refining surface area. Manufactures utilizing 301SS bar stock, fabricated plates will not shatter or roll and are repairable in many cases. Due to fewer components, fabricated plates also reduce installation time.
  • We are a world leader in design and quality fabricated plates utilizing three to four times the amount of weld material used by other manufacturers resulting in a far more durable refining surface.
  • Similar to HB800, we offer HB750 surface treatment for their fabricated plates increased the bar surface strength to >750 Brinell for those refining applications requiring extra durability and MTBPM


PASWARA IMPEX is engaged in the manufacturing and supply of Engineering Goods, Machinery Parts, Electrical Motors, Fabrication of Machinery Parts, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Reactors and Special Type Components.

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