Grinder/Rollers/mills/Tyres & etc..

Hot Air Generator

  • These hot air generator (Oil/Gas & Solid Fuel Fired) assures a very high thermal efficiency. These are offered in three varieties with us, such as- Fully Automatic Oil Operated Gas operated Solid Fuel Fired.
  • Characteristics Solid fuel fired, with four pass design consuming less space and assuring maximum efficiency. The fuels needed for the combustion are- Bagasse, Coal, Wood, Agro waste, Husk etc. Cost effective Less maintenance is required.

Air Nozzle

  • With the aim to satisfactorily cater to the demands of the customers we are designing and developing products that stand for quality and durability. We are manufacturing well-constructed air nozzles that are used for reduction of compressed air consumption and also for reduction of noise. These air nozzles are available in compact designs that are simple and easy to use.

Cyclone Separator

  • We are engaged in the manufacturing of an array of cyclone that works as a mechanical dust separator. These cyclones are known for their high efficiency, which helps them to separate coarse dust and also they are capable of handling high temperature. Available at low initial cost, our range of cyclone also need minimum maintenance. We also offer setting vessel with our cyclones that helps in providing high powder separation efficiency. With its high dust concentration handling ability, our products are widely demanded by our clients in national as well as international market.

Pressure Vessels

  • We are a trusted manufacturer of pressure vessels, which are extensively used in various applications of processing industries. We develop technically engineered solutions for varied application be it of low & high-pressure containment, controls or associated equipment. Our company develop technically engineered pressure vessels, which meet the processing need of various industries like:
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Process Engineering Industries
  • Off Shore Activities
  • Material Testing Units
  • Manufacturing Set ups

Industrial Scrubbers

  • We are engaged in the manufacturing of scrubbers, which are used for process air cleansing and dust collection. These are known for high efficiency & best performance. Our range of scrubbers are available at most competitive prices.

Fuel Gases Exhaust Ducts

  • We manufacture and export superb quality fuel gases exhaust ducts. These exhaust ducts are used in various industrial applications. We manufacture this range in several specifications as well as we also also offer tailor-made products. The specifications of our range is given as: Solid rear door to deliver managed exhaust airflow Combines vertical exhaust duct, airflow diverter, air dam kit Supports extreme heat loads – 20KW and above Prevents hot exhaust air from recirculating over or around cabinet and entering front of equipment Prevents hot and cold air from mixing within the cabinet Maximizes efficiency of air conditioning Delivers uniformly cold intake air temperatures to all equipment

Distillation Columns

  • We design, manufacture and supply distillation columns in different specifications and classes. Using superior quality metal for production & our own manufacturing units, we fabricate the range of distillation columns in any dimensional specifications. We also facilitate customization of products as per the client's preferences & requirements.

Industrial Blower

  • We offer technically advanced industrial blower, which are used for effective air controlling. Our range of industrial blowers is offered in various specifications in order to meet the varied requirements of the industries. Providing effectively and economical solution, these blowers are available in low,

Heat Exchanger

  • We fabricate and supply superior quality heat exchangers and its accessories. These products are used in air-conditioning systems, HVAC systems, refrigerators, etc. We manufacture our range of heat exchangers in different specifications, which can be further customized as per the distinguished requirements of our clients

Distillation Column

  • We manufacture a highly efficient distillation columns that are designed to achieve highly effective distillation process. These distillation columns are suitable for a variety of industries and are of two types: Batch columns where the feed to the column is provided batch wise and it is only after the completion of the first batch, second batch is introduced. Continuous columns where a continuous feed stream is provided to the distillation column and high outputs are achieved. Further, we provide distillation columns on the basis of the number of product streams that they possess. These include columns that have more than two product streams. These columns are also effective in carrying out the extractive distillation and azeotropic distillation. These possess trays and packs to bring out an enhanced distillation.

Industrial Chimney

  • We manufacture high performing chimneys in high quality steel or reinforced concrete. These chimneys are highly efficient and are very effective in conveying gases and other products of combustion from a building or any process facility. The frictional pressure and heat losses are negligible resulting in an unmatched performance of the same.

Butterfly Valves

  • We fabricate a wide range of flow regulating equipments that are used in diverse engineering industries. Our range of slide gate, control gate and butterfly valves are specially designed for handling slurries, ash, vinegar & molasses treatments and other material.
  • Slide Gate Valves are designed to shut off product flow from outlets of storage bins, silos, conveyors, and other discharge points handling dry bulk materials.These rugged heavy duty slide gate valves are available in standard sizes ranging from 100mm to 900mm square.A choice of construction materials allow handling of all types of products and applications; fine, granular, lumpy, abrasive, corrosive, or sanitary.
  • Butterfly Valves can be used to isolate the flow of material or gases to different parts of the system. These are available in hand operable, pneumatic or hydraulically operable designs as per the requirements of the clients.

Fans & Blowers

  • With our full fledged manufacturing and designing facilities, we supply a wide gamut of fans and blowers that are used for controlling and reducing pollution in diverse industries. Our fans and blowers act as perfect exhaust equipment for fume, smoke, dust, corrosive atmosphere in furnaces, boiler, ovens and cement plants. They are used for the purpose of pneumatic conveying, high air volume applications and exhaust processes in diverse industrial applications such as steel plants, cement plants, power plants, pulp and paper mills, sugar mills, waste water treatments, mines, process plants and others.
  • Our range of supply includes:-
  • High Pressure Fans & Blowers
  • Tube Axial fans/blowers
  • Bifercated Tube Axial
  • Plug fan for furnace
  • Boiler ID & FD Fan

Bag Filters

  • We are engaged in the manufacturing of a wide range of bag filters that are used to clean the environment from pollution. Our products come with the following features :
  • Extremely high collection efficiency on both coarse as well as on fine particles
  • Relatively insensitive to gas-stream function
  • No problem with liquid waste disposal, water pollution or liquid freezing
  • Corrosion & rusting of the components usually not a problem
  • The bag filters can be cleaned by using pulse jets.

Structural Fasteners

  • We manufacture all kinds of fasteners for various towers i.e. all kinds of transmission line towers, electrical towers and cooling towers in mild steel as well as high tensile material.
  • We supply fasteners to various State Electricity Departments across India & we are also supplier to some of major transmission towers manufacturers.

Cable Gland

  • Avail from us, our range of brass cable glands that are precision engineered and find their applications in various dry indoor, for use with all type of SWA cables, plastic or rubber sheathed cables. These brass cable glands available with us are available in nickel plated and natural brass finish.
  • We manufacture our range of brass cable glands in BS 6121 PART-1 standards. The brass made cable glands come with the options of all type of accessories available like earth tag, PVC shroud, neoprine rubber & LSF rubber, PVC washer and brass lock nut. We have these brass cable glands in 16 TO 90 (S & L) sizes.

Aluminium Line Tape

  • The aluminium line tape available with us are manufactured from superior quality brass that is tried and tested on various quality parameters. These products are available in various sizes and dimensions. Durable in quality, these line taps are widely demanded by clients in the global arena.

Extrusion Screws

  • We design and supply high quality extrusion screws for food pulp. These are available with variable pitch, variable depth, taper diameter along with spline shafts of 3 and 4 meter length.


PASWARA IMPEX is engaged in the manufacturing and supply of Engineering Goods, Machinery Parts, Electrical Motors, Fabrication of Machinery Parts, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Reactors and Special Type Components.

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