Bitumen Tank

  • We offer Bitumen tank, which is completely insulated so as to minimize the heat loss. The inside of the tank is heated by ā€œUā€ shape heating tube that is fitted with an automatic burner of desired capacity. The fuel tank supplies the fuel for the burner. Also, on top of the bitumen tank the manhole is provided for inspection and charging of bitumen.

Mild Steel Tanks

  • We design, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of mild steel tanks. Manufactured with superior grade steel, our product range is available in numerous dimensional specifications. In addition to it, we also offer customization to our entire range. Widely applicable in industries like dairy, pharmaceutical, etc. Our tanks are available in varied capacity. These tanks are light in weight, non-corrosive, durable and easy to manage.

Deaerator Tank

  • We offer deaerator tank, which is a device for air removal. This system is widely used for the dissolved gases (an alternate would be the use of water treatment chemicals) from boiler feedwater to make it non-corrosive. It typically includes a vertical domed deaeration section, which is mounted on top of a horizontal cylindrical vessel, that serves as the deaerated boiler feedwater tank.

Storage Tanks

  • We are manufacturing molasses storage tanks. These storage tanks are used for conveying the bulk grains or other food items from cargo shipping containers to the freight. Size: 3000 ā€“ 8000 mt.


  • We deal in M.S & S.S Storage Tank which are applicable to various type of chemical industries and pharmaceutical industries for processing and storage of their products. It is designed as per clients requirement. We can make vessels from 10litre to20kl . It will be jacketed or limpet type as per client requirement. Drive system is optional as per client


  • Range of high quality autoclaves, sterilizers and customized scientific equipments. We represent latest and directive technologies and incorporate an up to date know how of modern techniques for various applications and functions in different research projects. Whether used in laboratories, or for on site industrial applications, these rugged industrial grade equipments obtain and analyze, process and measurements swiftly and effectively.


PASWARA IMPEX is engaged in the manufacturing and supply of Engineering Goods, Machinery Parts, Electrical Motors, Fabrication of Machinery Parts, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Reactors and Special Type Components.

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