Grinding Unit

  • We manufactures a huge gamut of grinding units for the cement industry. We supply grinding units upto 2000 TPD plants, capable of handling all types of cement. We offer a versatile grinding unit whose heavy and rugged construction is built for continuous trouble free operation everyday.

Worm Wheel

  • Sugar Crystallizer Worm Wheel
  • Teeth = 65
  • Module =24
  • Face width =165

Support Roller

  • Brand Name : Support/Trunnion Rollers
  • Outside Diameter 1000mm.
  • Face Width560mm.

Tyres For Kilns

  • O.D. : 5850mm
  • Width :900mm
  • Weight :55 Ton
  • Material :IS 2708 Gr II
  • Applications :Sponge Iron Plants

Tyres For Coolers

  • Brand Name : Tyres for kilns/coolers
  • O.D : ô 2670mm
  • Width : 150mm
  • Weight : 875Kg
  • Material : IS 2708 Gr II
  • Max : 6500mm
  • Applications : Sponge Iron Plants

Ball Mills

  • We manufacture ball mills which are made as per the specifications and dimensions provided by the client. These ball mills are also superior in quality and designed as per the industrial requirement. The ball mills made by us are also accurate and can easily withstand the extreme conditions and the wear and tear.

Chain Conveyors

  • Chain Conveyors are used for conveying Bulk, Hot & Abbrasive materials which are unable to convey by belt conveyor. Chain Conveyor has been employed as an efficient means of transmitting by power. Our Range of Chain conveyors includes:-
  • Slat chain conveyor
  • Apron chain conveyor
  • Scrapper chain conveyor
  • Enmass chain conveyor
  • Pallet conveyor
  • Overhead chain conveyor
  • Conveying directly on chain plates or on rollers
  • Adopted transmission & special purpose conveyor chain
  • Pusher conveyor Depending upon the application and product, conveyors that utilize magnets, vacuum, cleats or fixtures are also available in a wide variety of configurations

Belt Conveyors

  • We provide belt conveyors that are designed and fabricated to serve the diverse requirements of varied industries. Available in width ranging from 100mm to 1800mm and types such as trough, flat, inclines portable and movable, we can tailor our conveyors as per client’s requirements.
  • Boiler feed water, pressure 200 kg,
  • Chemical mixing cum storage tanks in SS, polypropylene, HDPE, PVC
  • Pressure safety valve
  • Level indicator
  • otorized agitator
  • Check valve
  • Level switch
  • Pressure gauge
  • Strainer
  • Dissolving basket
  • Pulsation dampener & standard pipe fittings.

Storage Silo

  • We offer qualitative storage silo that are widely available in varying diameters & capacities and are widely required for cement industries. When compared to site welded tanks, they have the advantage of being able to utilize higher grade coatings than site welded tanks, and can be easily shipped as a completed unit and are set in place at the project site utilizing a crane. Also available in various configurations like Skirted Silo or Spread-leg Silo, they can withstand the rigors of open field use. They require less maintenance and also have long working life. They also eliminate cross contamination and also be easily installed.

Industrial Manhole

  • We manufacture manholes that are made from high quality iron castings that are durable as well as aesthetic also. We generally make these manholes in round shape as they cannot fall through the circular openings and they not be rotated during alignment. We also make these as per the customers specifications in a variety of other shapes and designs.

E.O.T Cranes

  • We manufacture high quality E.O.T cranes from 5 to 100 T. We are also capable to manufacture, fabricate and erect EOT cranes of larger capacities.


PASWARA IMPEX is engaged in the manufacturing and supply of Engineering Goods, Machinery Parts, Electrical Motors, Fabrication of Machinery Parts, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Reactors and Special Type Components.

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